10 reasons why exercise is good for your health

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Benefits of exercise, Why exercise is good for your body

Do you want to be sharper at work? Do you want to spend quality time with your spouse at home? How about feeling less tired at home or enjoying a cookie without guilt?

If your response to these questions is “yes” then you need to get up and start doing exercises.

If you think exercise is all about weight loss and keeping fit, then you are wrong. A regular exercise is beneficial to your whole body – both physically, mentally, and emotionally.


When you are physically fit, you can do lots of tedious jobs, why? Because there is a greater level of endurance for you to do any kind of work.

Therefore, if you need some motivations to get back into working out regularly or to begin an exercise program, we have put together top 10 convincing reasons why exercise is good for your body.

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So, ride with us while we walk you through these mind-blowing reasons:

1). Exercise Supports Cognitive Function
This is the first benefit of working out on our list. Regular exercise supports cognitive function. While working out, your heart rate increases; thus, improves the rate at which the heart pumps oxygen to the brain. The resultant effect is that your brain would become very healthy.

2). Improve Endurance
Like we mentioned earlier, working out can improve your endurance levels. Aerobic exercise or other forms of exercises can do the magic. Let’s take an example of how an exercise can help improve your endurance levels. If you are a sportsman who finds it difficult to run a 100 meters race, immediately you register for a workout program, you would run and even exceed the 100 meters without getting tired.

Additionally, once there is an improvement in your endurance levels, your body would become accustomed to any type of exercise.

3). Enhance Quality of Sleep
If you are having difficulties sleeping, then trying out a regular exercise program would be a no-brainer. A regular exercise would not just make you sleep well; it would also make you enjoy quality sleep. The more you workout and sweat out, the more it becomes easy for you to hit the hay.

4). Increase Strength
When you incorporate weight-lifting into your workout program, chances are that your strength levels would increase, which is beneficial for your day-to-day activities. Whether you need to carry your kids or your job is to carry heavy objects, it would always get easier so long as you’re always working out.

5). Reduce Stress/Tension
Feeling stressed or cranky? Hitting the gym would be your best bet. Whenever you work out, your body releases a hormone known as endorphins. Those in the medical world prefer to call this hormone “feel-good hormone.” According to renowned medical experts, this hormone is capable of reducing stress and tension. Plus, it can also improve a dull mood.

6). Support Cardiovascular Health
If you want to support your cardiovascular health, then hit the gym! Your heart is a muscle and its health largely depends on a regular workout. A good workout would make your heart work properly. Examples of a workout that would improve the pumping of your heart are running, biking, swimming or walking.

7). Exercise Supercharges Your Metabolism
Research has shown that regular exercise is capable of boosting your body metabolism. Science has also proven that metabolism is highly responsible for the chemical reaction that occurs in our body.

A fast metabolism will help you lose weight by burning more calories and fat. Hence, regular exercise will help you stay healthy.

8). Transform your Physique
Aside from helping you stay fit; exercise can also transform your physique. As you workout to burn more calories, you will begin to observe a tremendous transformation on your physique.

9). Increases Bone Density
Eating food rich in calcium is not the only way to increase your bone density; you can increase your bone density by regularly working out. As you workout, your bone becomes stronger.


10). Boost Confidence
As you workout on a regular basis and begin to see results, your confidence level will naturally increase. Whether you’re happy you’ve been able to burn 20kg or you’re glad your endurance levels have increased, every milestone achieved working out is something to be proud of.

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