10 reasons why you should drink more water daily

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Water is said to be the very essence of human existence. The human body consists of around 60% of water.

Most people are dehydrated without even knowing it; thus, it brings negative effects to their body. Whenever you are thirsty, it means your body needs more water to make up for the one it has lost, either through respiration, perspiration or urination.

The human body cannot function properly without adequate water. This is evident from the color of our urine.


If you are hydrated, your urine would be very clear – but those that are dehydrated would experience a dark yellow and pungent pee. For this reason, it is very important to drink more water on a daily basis.

The volume of water required by your body depends on some factors such as your general health condition, how active you are, your body temperature, your gender, as well as the size of your body.

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However, medical pundits advised that in order for the body to function correctly, we should drink at least between 2 to 3 liters of water per day on the average. If you exercise regularly, then you need to drink more water to make up for the lost liquid through sweat.

Drinking more water on a daily basis comes with lots of health benefits. In this article, we have compiled the top 10 reasons why you should drink more water.

1). Without Water, You Will Die
Science has proven that if you don’t drink water, you can only stay alive for 2 to 3 days maximum. Water is very essential in the proper functioning of the body, from Maintaining your heart rate and keeping your brain healthy, to detoxifying your cells.

Water is also important for the creation of saliva, digestive juices, and blood. You can certainly go for a month without food, but lack of water in your body will kill you.

2). Keeps You Slim
If you want to get rid of excess weight, your best bet is to drink more water. Why? The reason is that water has no calories; hence, making it the best liquid to drink compared to other beverages. Instead of drinking soft or sugar drink, you won’t go wrong drinking water.

In addition, you can consume icy cold water – it would help raise your body metabolism. Your body requires energy to warm the icy cold water to your body temperature. In doing so, it will burn some calories coming from fat.

3). Healthier Looking Skin
The human skin is the largest organ of the body. The skin contains lots of water. Drinking more water on a daily basis can help improve your appearance, even though it cannot completely get rid of wrinkles and fine lines.

When you are dehydrated, your wrinkles will appear deeper and hence more visible. Additionally, water improves the flow of blood to the surface of your skin. So, if you are suffering from any skin-related ailment, drink more water on a daily basis.

4). Improved Muscle Performance
Just like one reason why exercise is good for your muscles, water has the capacity to improve your muscle performance. Drinking plenty of it will help keep your muscles hydrated. Once your muscles are hydrated, you can do more work!

5). Water Makes You Feel More Energized
We’re sure you’ve had days where you slept like 9 hours, yet woke up still feeling groggy. The reason for this is simple – you were probably dehydrated; thus your body experienced fatigue. Consuming lots of water immediately you wake up will make you feel better.

6). Keeps You Regular
Drinking more water will also help your digestive system stay in check. Lack of sufficient water in the body will result in difficulties in stooling – this is because your colon will absorb the little water from your stool.

If you are always suffering from constipation, you won’t go wrong drinking plenty of water.

7). Detoxification
The chemical processes that are ongoing in your body requires water to get rid of the waste products. So long as you are always drinking water, your liver and other organs will do their job perfectly.

8). Fights Bad Breath
Seeking a solution to fight bad breath? Then drink more water! Water is known to fight bacteria at the back of your tongue. What’s more? Water can also wash away food particles stuck in between your teeth. So, you won’t go wrong drinking plenty of water with a view to fighting bad breath.

9). Control Stress
Anytime the water level in your brain drops, it can cause a drastic effect in your mood and stress levels. So, you need to drink more water to keep the brain hydrated.

Whenever you feel cranky, try as much as possible to grab a glass of water, it might just do the trick.


10). It’s Cheaper and Healthier
Water is everywhere and it’s cheaper compared to other packaged drinks. So start drinking more water today to stay healthy!

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