8 ways to stand out in a workplace

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Let’s face it; we all have an established job routine we follow through day-in-day-out. We wake up, dress and prepare for work, get to the office, get jobs done, and anticipate for the closing hour.

Hear this; if you want to be above board, if you want to stand out in your workplace and earn that promotion you have been dying for, then stop thinking and start acting. If you expect a promotion, then you should do more than just an average worker.

Luckily for you, we have put together eight (8 essential ways you can perform more than the average worker and then earn your dream promotion.


If you’re ready, then let’s get started..

1). Always represent your brand

Representing your brand means having a dying passion for your organization and your job. When you are passionate about your job, not only will it reflect in your behavior, it will also improve the quality of work that you do.

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Overall, it will impress your boss and even some customers.

2). Dress professional

Whenever you are at work, ensure you dress professionally. The last thing you should do while at work is to be under-dressed, unkempt or revealing.

Nothing pleases an employer than an employee who dedicates time to arrange a solid and stylish wardrobe for work. If your job requires putting on a uniform, ensure the uniform is always neat.

Also, keep your hair neat and avoid chipped polish. These rules also apply to those whose work doesn’t require a uniform.

3). Contribute regularly in meetings

During a staff meeting, some people find it very difficult to contribute ideas towards the achievement of the organizational goals. They just sit back and agree to whatever is been adopted.

Do you know that employers are constantly on the lookout for employees who have something meaningful to say during a staff meeting? So you’ve to be that person an employer can trust to contribute meaningfully in a meeting.

To achieve this; go into the meeting prepared and understand whatever subject they are discussing. Express your thoughts in a simple but clear manner and with enthusiasm.

Ask intelligent questions and show that you’re interested in the growth of the organization.

4). Be proactive

The need to be proactive in your workplace cannot be overemphasized. Being proactive means taking control of situations and finding a solution for whatever problems that may arise.

Employers are usually happy when their employees can handle situations on their own without resorting to the management for solutions.

5). Take the lead when possible

Develop and exercise your inherent leadership skills. Whenever possible, take the initiative to lead others once in a while.

Here is the deal; you can do this by offering to lead the team that would plan the company’s annual picnic or you can offer to take on new projects but make sure any project you’re embarking on is within your skill sets.

It may not be the most important assignment to carry out, but your boss will see you as an employee who has the company at heart.

6). Go above and beyond

According to research published on the American Journal on Productivity, 80 percent of employees in a workplace put in less than 60 percent of their efforts and intelligence at work.

Outstanding employees, however, always strive to improve on their efforts and thus exceed the 60 percent benchmark. So, if you want to be that employee whom others will depend on to solve issues, you won’t go wrong putting more effort in your office.

7). Be a team player

When you are in your workplace, try as much as possible to avoid being a lone-wolf employee. Lone-wolf employees like doing things on their own and they believe nobody measures up to their intelligence.

As a team player, it will help you to build a good relationship with other workers.

8). Communicate effectively

Most conflicts that occur at the workplace are as a result of miscommunication or words that were said out of anger. Whenever you are angry, don’t say anything or email anyone for like an hour or two.

Most times, anger can prevent you from thinking straight instead, you might say things that you’ll end up regretting later.

Being a good communicator will help both your career and personal life.


The above tips have been thoroughly researched to reflect the skills and abilities of outstanding employees. So, follow through with the tips and the sky would definitely be your starting point in your career.

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