Are you looking for information on how to find a job in the USA? Truth be told; the United States boasts of one of the most robust economies in the world. Little wonder one in every ten visitors to the country want to live and work there.

Whether you just landed in the US or you are still planning your trip, finding and getting a job in the US is not a tea party.

If you are passionate about getting a job when you get to the US, there are certain rules you must follow to land a rewarding job. So, in this post, we have put together a guide to walk you through the process of securing a job in America.

The Standard Job Application Process

Before boarding a plane to the United States, keep the following processes in mind:

1). Choose a limited number of jobs to apply to

In this article that talks about how to find a job in the USA, this first point is one of the reasons so many foreigners remain jobless when they arrive in the US. You may ask how; well, they send applications to every job advert that comes their way. In order to avoid this mistake, take your time, research the US job market and send your applications to fewer jobs that excite you.

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If you are excited about a job application, chances are that it would reflect in the application, and American employers know how to detect this.

2). Research your company of interest in-depth

Once you have identified a target company you want to work for, the next step is to research the company in-depth. Remember, you are not the only person seeking for a job, so, you’ve got to do your homework to brighten your chances if you are eventually invited for an interview.

A few points to note while researching a company – their main competitors, their major challenges, their target market and demographic, as well as, some background information about the company.

3). Write a completely original cover letter for the application

We cannot discuss how to find a job in the USA without mentioning this very important point.

Your resume and cover letter are the things that will sell your skills and abilities to American employers, so you have got to take your time to write a compelling cover letter when applying for a position in any company.

Don’t be lazy about writing a unique cover letter, it can mar your chances of being invited for an interview. Let your application stand out from the crowd; that way potential employers will know you are a serious candidate.

4). Customize your resume for the application

Like we said in the above point, your resume is like your selling point. You need to curate an engaging resume that would leave an average employer with no option than to invite you for an interview. To get started with a compelling CV, customize the CV with keywords that match the job description. If you can’t handle this, you can hire the services of an expert in this area.

Furthermore, clearly, state your skills and abilities. In the United States, the following are highly sought-after skills:

  • Data mining and Statistics Analysis
  • Python or Ruby Web Development
  • Digital and Online marketing
  • User-interface Design
  • Relationship Management or Business Development
  • Retail Payment and Information Systems
  • Business Intelligence
  • PR and communications

Also, in this how to find a job in the USA article, we advice you try as much as you can to avoid the following red flags on your resume, they can make American employers reject your application:

  • Having an unprofessional email address or not having your contact details
  • Grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors
  • Lack of attention to details like addressing the cover letter to the wrong person

5). Find a connection at the company

Let’s face it; Connection matters a lot when seeking for a job in America. LinkedIn is a valuable tool to leverage in this instance.

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Use LinkedIn to find connections with any company you are applying to. Reaching out to a member of staff in the company for an “informational interview” can impact the hiring decision.

6). Websites and Resources

The following are the two most popular websites you can find rewarding jobs:

  • Github is one of the leading job boards in the US where potential employers place job adverts for job seekers to apply.
  • Medium is also another powerful site where you can find rewarding jobs.

If you have been wondering how you can find a job in the USA, all you have to do is follow through with the above guide and you will be a step away from securing a rewarding job in the US.

Happy job hunting!

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