Your first day at work? How to overcome fear and nervousness

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Regardless of your career height, starting a new job in a new workplace can be scary. You barely know anyone there, you don’t know how they operate, at this stage your job description might even be a mystery.

Let’s face it; who would not be scared of the unknown? So how do you face and overcome this fear and nervousness?

To ease your fear and anxieties in a new job, we have put together some tips to help you get started in a new workplace.


So, take a cup of coffee and let’s walk you through this journey.

Remind yourself what you’ll actually be doing

It is very easy for you to lose sight of why you’re there when you’re caught up in fear and anxiety. Therefore, it is important for you to review your job description beforehand and keep reminding yourself those responsibilities. That way, you’d build up some level of confidence as the weeks progress.

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Also, you can always remind yourself why you wanted the job in the first place. If you are feeling unsecured in the workplace, remember that your boss hired you for a reason. Your boss obviously believed in your competence and abilities, so you should believe in yourself too.

Don’t expect to know everything

If you are a fresh graduate from the University, it might be tempting to resume in a new workplace with the interview facade. Listen; even if you have this burning desire to display your skills to your colleagues, apply some restraint. Don’t expect to know everything. Nobody is an Island, we all learn on a daily basis.

You have already secured the job, which is more important. What is required of you now is to maintain a good level of confidence and display a willingness to learn so that your senior colleagues can put you through the dynamics of the job.

At this stage, your employer expects you to be in doubt in some areas – so don’t be afraid to ask questions where possible. It is allowed to make minor mistakes at this point because it is part of the learning process. Your employer would definitely understand.

Remember that you won’t be new forever

When you are about resuming in a new workplace for the first time, it is natural to feel anxious. However, remember this stage would pass. Nobody is a pro in this regard; we have all been through this stage one way or the other.

Remember that new things soon turn familiar. It’s just a matter of time. In fact, you can remind yourself that you scaled through a bigger hurdle (recruitment process) and it’s even scarier than overcoming the fear and nervousness that comes during your first day at work. If you can pass the recruitment stage, this stage won’t be an exception.

As time passes, you will get to fully understand your job description, you will know everyone in the office (at least by their first name), and maybe learn their likes and dislikes. You will also get to know the kinds of jokes that are appropriate to share without upsetting them.

In addition, you can turn your anxiety into excitement. How? Think of a bigger picture of yourself, say next 10 years. It would enable you to instantly settle down in a new work environment.

Be on your best behavior

One good way to overcome workplace anxiety and fear is to be on your best behavior, especially if it’s a new workplace. So, to be on your best behavior, work hard, resume work early, avoid distractions, and be friendly to everyone in the office.

Truth be told, first impression matters a lot in a workplace. When you are on your best behavior, your boss will notice you and thus it will create a way for you to pass the probationary stage with flying colors.

Write everything down in a notepad

Take note of every occurrence in the office. Whether it is logic information, general instructions, pass codes or specific instructions, it is very important to write them down in your notepad as you hear them.

The essence of writing this information in your notepad is that you most likely will forget them since you’d be bombarded with lots of information as a new employee. Plus, you would be trying to remember the names of the Managing Director and the Human Resources Manager.

Maintaining a notepad will help you through the induction stage. It will also help you remember where to get coffee. Of course, nobody wants to forget that.

Resuming a new job as a fresh graduate can be scary. You’re not alone in this. The feeling is similar to your first day in the school experience.


If you follow through with the above tips, before you even realize it, you will find yourself acclimatized with the workplace and your new colleagues.

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