In today’s saturated job market, technology and the internet have made it possible for employers of labor to hire fewer workers. No wonder employees with strong computer skills are still being preferred by these employers.

Let’s face it; no employer would want to hire an employee without computer skills. This is particularly true when you consider today’s technologically oriented economy.

The trend is not just peculiar to only IT-related jobs; it has crossed to virtually all sectors of the economy. According to Christopher Justice, the Chief Marketing Officer at Magnolia, a content management provider, “computer skills like fundamental graphics design, software development, and website publishing are no longer peculiar to IT job roles. These skills are also useful in a wider range of roles”.

Computer skills can be seen in all kinds of job positions. For example, in the online publishing business, journalists of today are not only competent in writing stories; they are able to format the stories for online publishing.

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Mr. Justice also added that for any marketing team to remain relevant in the 21st-century economy, they need to be familiar with design tools and also be able to use HTML in order to create a digital campaign on their portal.

The underlying trend here is the ability and capacity to work in an exceptionally agile environment. To remain relevant in the job market and beat the inherent competition, job hunters need to stay ahead of their counterparts who are not tech-savvy,” Justice continued.

If you are a job seeker and you don’t have any computer skills, chances are that you may hunt for a job for long. Hardly would you see a job that requires only your University degree. So, it is time for you to think out of the box and acquire these necessary computer skills.

To ease your trouble, in this article, I have compiled four best computer skills an employer can’t do without.

These skills would not just land you a job, but it will enable you to stay on the job. You will agree with us that employers only fire those employees who no longer add value to the organization. Therefore, you have got to continually improve on these skill sets.

Without wasting time, here are the computer skills you need to consider:

1). Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office is the very essence of almost all the corporate firms in today’s economy. Being skillful in Microsoft office will not just make you better than your counterparts, it will make you outstanding when you finally land a job.

Whether you want to send an email or write an article or you simply want to write a memo to be posted on the notice board, you would definitely have the need to make use of Microsoft office packages.

What’s more? What about making a presentation using PowerPoint? Your boss would be so proud of you when you’re armed with these skills. So, assess yourself and determine whether you are deficient in this area and do the needful.

2). Graphic designing

What is the essence of the corporate world without graphics design? The company logo and other branded designs you usually see are the handiwork of a graphics designer. Knowing how to use editing softwares like CorelDraw or InDesign will give you an edge over other job seekers hunting for the same job as you.

3). Spreadsheets

A spreadsheet is very important in the operation of an organization. Gone are those days when companies outlined workers’ performance or salary record on a paper. Companies now maintain and update these records on a spreadsheet.

What about the training records and health history of their employees? They are all documented using the spreadsheet. So, acquiring this skill is a no-brainer in this sense. You should also have knowledge of using different algorithms, sheets, and styles of a spreadsheet. No employer jokes with an employee who’s skilled in a spreadsheet.

4). Basic typing skills

Which employer would be happy with an employee who cannot type a single document within an hour with accuracy? These days, basic typing skills are a necessity in the corporate world.

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With the introduction of Artificial Intelligence in workplaces, most tasks would become automated. Even typing job too. A typing job predominantly has a human face, but if you cannot type fast, robots are likely to replace you.

As you can now see, computer skills are very relevant in virtually all sectors of the economy. So, if you are really serious about getting a job, you’ve got to acquire these skills.

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