Are you suffering from insomnia? Do you have trouble staying or falling asleep? Insomnia is a condition that can lead to a depressed mood if not handled on time.

Insomnia can be a short or long-term health challenge depending on the lifestyle and habit of the victim. According to medical research, the cause of insomnia could be chronic pain, depression, medications, and other drugs that are capable of interfering with sleep pattern.

So, if you are having sleeping difficulties, treating the above conditions could help improve your sleep. However, your sleeplessness may continue if the insomnia is chronic.


To help you beat insomnia whether chronic or acute, we have put together 5 tips from Doctor Michelle Drerup, PsyD, a sleep disorder specialist.

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These tips will help you kick-start the treatment process. So, sit back and relax while we walk you through this important subject matter.

1). Keep your sleep schedule the same

The first and most important tip on our list is to keep your sleep schedule the same. To keep up with a regular sleep schedule, try as much as possible to avoid staying up late into the night.

According to Dr. Michelle, staying up late into the night will lead to more fragmented and poor-quality sleep. She advised that insomnia sufferers should go to bed early and drink less water to avoid frequent waking up to use the toilet.

2). Take some quiet time before bedtime

Another way to beat insomnia is to take some quiet time before bedtime. This will help divert your attention away from the fact that you’re having sleeping difficulties.

A good way to achieve this is to do something that would make you relax. You can read a book, watch the television, take a warm bath or have some decaffeinated herbal tea.

3). Distract yourself if you still can’t sleep

After taking some quiet time as explained above and you still can’t sleep, then you need to further distract yourself. Get up from the bed and restart the entire distraction process. You could read another book (though not a turner page or a thriller), knitting, watering the plant or flipping through some magazine pages.

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At this point, avoid anything that is too mentally or physically activating or something that is goal oriented such as paying bills, house chores or working on a computer.

4). Learn how to relax

Dr. Michelle advised that insomnia sufferers that want to beat insomnia should learn how to relax. You can learn relaxation techniques like progressive muscle relaxation, guided imagery, as well as meditation.

These techniques will help you to calm your mind and muscles and also eliminate all the racing worries and thoughts that could make you stay awake at night.

Practice the relaxation techniques and develop them as a skill during the day when you feel good and are already calm, rather than trying to do them for the first time at bedtime,” Dr. Michelle advises.

5). Keep a sleep log

Keeping a sleep log is another great way to help you beat insomnia effortlessly. The sleep log should be detailed enough to record your sleep habits. It will help determine whether there is an improvement in your sleep pattern.

What’s more? It would also help you see trends in your behavior and will be useful when you consult a sleep disorder specialist or physician.

In addition, there are some mobile applications and online sites that are very useful when tracking your sleep habits. You can consider leveraging them.

If you can follow through with the above tips, you’re a step closer to beating insomnia.

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