How to get a new job after being fired

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How to get a new job after being fired

Sometimes life does not pan out the way we plan it. Perhaps you were gainfully employed and you were growing in your career – before you realize it, you’ve been handed down a termination letter.

While there is nothing wrong in mourning the loss of your job, the next step is clear – finding a new job.

So, where do you start? What steps should you take to land the next job? Follow the tips below and you would be on your way to your next job opportunity.


1). Don’t wait around

Getting a new job when you have been fired from a previous one could be very difficult. And it could take an emotional toll on you if you hang around for too long trying to figure out what went wrong.

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Have you ever heard the popular saying that it is easier to get a new job when you are still working? This statement is true, so you need to act fast instead of hanging around.

2). Talk with a trusted friend

Losing a lucrative job can be traumatic. Now is not the time to vent on your social media platforms telling everybody who cares to listen how the company treated you badly.

If you need a shoulder to lean on, you can talk to a trusted friend. Share your experiences with him/her and discuss future possibilities.

3). Reach out to your network

While you were employed, chances were that you must have built a network or connection of reliable professionals. Reaching out to these professionals is very important whether you seek a new job or you want to change career. In fact, it is important to reach out to them, especially now that you need a new job.

Make it clear to them that you’re available to take on a new job.

4). Be ready to offer a simple explanation on your previous job

Employees lose jobs for lots of reasons. Most times, companies restructure, downsize, and regularly change workers. In fact, there is no law that requires you to explain what led to the loss of your job but a simple explanation that you were fired as a result of company restructuring or downsizing is enough, that’s if you’re asked in an interview.

You can also say the company would not like to share the details owing to legal retribution.

5). Maintain a successful attitude

Losing your job can be a cog in the wheel of your development, both professionally and personally. So, adjust your mindset during this period by reading motivational books.

Remember that you are not the first nor would you be the last to lose a job. Therefore, think of how this experience can shape your future.

Additionally, you can use this period to learn a new skill. Who knows? The new skill might do the magic.

6). Do volunteer jobs

One of the fastest ways to get a new job is to engage yourself in volunteer jobs. Make sure the volunteer jobs fall within your skill set.

Volunteering will enable you to meet new professionals that can even link you up to new opportunities. There is a possibility that the company you’re volunteering for might retain you if they like your services.

7). Ask for recommendations on LinkedIn

In this 21st century, anybody underrating the power of social media platforms has got to wake up to reality. Lots of connections and relationships are being built on a daily basis leveraging the power of social networking sites. All you have to do is to improve your presence on these platforms.

For instance, LinkedIn is a professional platform where you can connect with policymakers and high-flying technocrats. Once these high calibers of people are on your network, you can ask for recommendations if there are new opportunities.

Your interaction with them might just do the magic.

8). Treat finding a new job as if it is your job

Whether you seek a permanent or temporary job, treat the job hunting process as if it is your 9am to 5pm job.

But keep track of your job hunting progress. In fact, create a spreadsheet to know which companies you have applied so as to avoid applying twice in a company.

Wrapping up..


Getting a new job after being fired can be very challenging, but by implementing the above tips, you are a steps away from landing a new job.

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