How to make friends in a new hostel

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how to make friends in a hostel

Traveling to a new location can be an interesting thing to do, but sometimes, things can get lonely if you are traveling solo. No matter how interesting your traveling experience might be, there are moments you would need someone to share the excitement with.

The good news is that; hostels are one of the best ways of making friends. Whether you are a shy person or you’re a sociable type, when you book to stay in a hostel, you will meet good traveling friends to share the excitement that comes with traveling.

In this article, we will share some ways you can make friends in a hostel.


Try to be friendly with other people at your hostel

Being friendly does not mean waking up every morning to greet each and every occupant in the hostel. What we mean by being friendly is that; don’t rock up your hostel, sit in your hostel kitchen with headphones or frown at the world.

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Being friendly means constantly keeping a smiling face, exchanging pleasantries with other occupants and being nice to people you see around the hostel.

Once other occupants observe these traits in you, they will reciprocate by being friendly too.

Don’t stay in a private room

Instead of staying in a private room, you can stay in a dorm room. Doing this would enable you to mingle with other occupants of the hostel without much effort. While at the dorm room, do not hide in your bunk. It is actually not cool at all. Be open to any conversation that other occupants would share.

Hang out in areas where you will meet people or in the hostel bar

Nowadays, hostels have areas that are designated for people to hang out so, make use of these areas. There is a gym area, laundry area, relaxing area, poolside, and restaurant, among others.

When you hang out in these areas, chances are that you will meet somebody of like mind who would be ready to chat with you. Who knows, somebody you meet could end up becoming a long-term friend.

Engage in all hostel activities

Hostels usually organize activities and trips to help occupants really experience the place. So, to really explore the location of the hostel, make sure your name is on top of the list of those participating in the hostel events and when you are participating in these events, you will get to meet other people in the hostel.

Striking up a conversation with them becomes very easy. If you are an introvert, do not hide at the back of the group. Try and stay at the front and ask questions if you are in doubt. Once you ask questions for clarity, other hostel occupants would naturally gravitate towards you.

Don’t be afraid to make conversation

If you wish for other occupants of the hostel to start talking to you, then be the first to strike a conversation. We understand it is difficult to strike a conversation first, but when you eventually break through the shyness, you will have an instant friendship and a positive reaction from other hostel occupants.

You can get started with the following conversation starters;

  • Where are you from?
  • Where have you been?
  • Tell me about your traveling experience
  • How long have you been traveling?
  • What country would you like to visit next?
  • How was your experience like when you first visited X country?

Chat to the hostel staff

Another way to make friends in a hostel is to chat with the hostel staff. Though hostel staff stays behind a desk, it doesn’t mean that they don’t want to connect with you or they are not interested to know what brought you to their country. Go over the hostel staff desk and say hi!

Seek out other solo travelers

Staying in a hostel where there are a group of people can be intimidating, especially if you are a shy person. To ease out this stress, you can seek out other solo travelers like you.

To achieve this, find someone who’s sitting alone and engage the person in a conversation. You won’t feel awkward anymore and you’ll have a new friend to share your traveling experience with.


Even if you’re a shy person, following through with the above tips would enable you to make friends in a hostel. And finally, follow your instinct, use your common sense, and be safe in the hostel you book. Ultimately, HAVE FUN!

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