How to survive a long-haul flight

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how to survive a long haul flight

Travelling is exciting, but do you know that many travelers are always overwhelmed when they plan to travel a long distance?

The flying part of a journey can be brutal. From our experience, travelers just endure travelling in order to visit their next travel destination considering the fact that there are limited legroom and tiny seats.

Truth be told; whether you want to fly first class or business class, travelling more than 18-hours can be exhausting. From making sure you pack the essential items you require to choosing your route, there are a few things you can do to make your trip a lot easier for you.


So, to make you enjoy your next long distance travel, we have together a few tips (in no particular order) for you to follow through.

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Travel tips for surviving a long flight

long haul flight tips

Grab a seat and read through the following tips that will help you enjoy your next long flight.

Dress comfortably and pack essentials

To enjoy a long distance flight, we suggest you pack an additional set of clean clothes. You might need them while on board the plane. In addition, pack at least a small pack of toiletry and deodorant so that you can brush your teeth and freshen up.


One of the tricks to surviving a long flight is finding a perfect balance between bringing all the essential survival tools and packing light. You want to forget the fact that you don’t have personal space for the next 18 hours or more and that your seat barely reclines. How do you achieve this? Well, the perfect way to achieve this on board a plane is to keep your mind occupied.

You can pack a paperback book or a Kindle, but we suggest you download some audio books before you depart. Most travelers do travel with phones, so it is a great way to pass the time with books.

Audio books is a perfect way to keep you from regularly looking at your wristwatch. Plus, it will enable you to drown out the noise from chatty friends or crying babies. We recommend using a noise-cancelling headphone.

Health & Hydration

Another way to survive a long flight is by being hydrated and healthy. Here is the deal; make hydration your best friend while you’re in the air. Try as much as possible to stick with water even though there would be occasional alcoholic beverages.

The air around an aircraft when it is air-borne is usually dry, similar to that of a desert, and definitely, you’d be dehydrated. So, we suggest you include a collapsible water bottle in your list of things to travel with. When you feel dehydrated, you can request the flight attendant to fill the bottle for you.

Another trick to surviving a long flight is keeping your nostrils hydrated. You can do this by using saline nasal spray. Also, to keep your immune system boosted, you can include a Vitamin pack with Vitamin C, B, and Zinc.

In addition, moisturize your body before boarding the plane. It will help you prevent dry or itchy skin while on the long flight.


Sleeping on a long flight is easier said than done. Don’t even plan to use the flight time for sleep, else you would be disappointed, except you’re one of those who can easily sleep in an upright position.

If it’s a red-eye flight, you may consider using a sleeping aid such as Melatonin. This sleeping aid is one of the best on the market. It won’t make you groggy even though you haven’t caught a full 8-hours sleep the previous day.

Neck pillows and eye masks should also be considered for overnight flights. If a neck pillow is too big for you to carry, you may consider a blown-up inflatable beach ball.

Walk Around every hour

While on-board the plane, you can walk around every hour in order to stretch your legs so as to avoid the risk of vein thrombosis. But, if your seat is close to the window and you don’t want to bother your seatmate each time you want to walk around, you may consider some ankle and neck stretches while sitting down. These in-seat exercises will help to keep your blood in regular circulation.

Travelling a long distance can be a nightmare for lots of travelers. But you can’t help it; you need to move from one location to the other in order to meet up with business schedules.


If you follow through with the above tips to the latter, you are sure to enjoy your next long distance trip.

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