9 ways to save money on a road trip

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saving money on a road trip

A lot of people believe that road travel is less expensive than flying to a choice destination, especially if you want to travel with your family.

While this might be true, there are still lots of ways you can save money while on a road trip. Saving money on a road trip simply means more money to spend on your next trip.

If you want to travel cheaper, better, and longer, there is every need for you to make your money last on the road. Every penny you spend on travel adds up even though you are travelling without your family.


It is better to save money on a road trip than giving it to the banks or wasting it on unnecessary expenses.

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Today, we will take you through ways you can save money on the road and ultimately avoid costly mistakes.

1). Plan Ahead

To make the most of your trip, you need to research routes or destinations before hitting the road. When researching, map out exciting places (like popular eateries) to visit. If you don’t have an idea on how to go about this, Google is your albatross.

Also, pre-book your accommodation to avoid a no-vacancy nightmare. In addition, draw an estimated budget for the trip and try not to exceed your budget. You may also find out the distance between where you are and where you are headed. All these will help you cut cost.

2). Save on Gas

Even though the price of gas has dropped by over 10%, it is still expensive as of today. You can save on gas by making use of a credit card which provides cash back on gas purchases. Also, there are specific gas stations that offer discount if customers buy gas in large quantity. You may want to refill your gas from such station.

3). Get Tuned

Before you hit the road, make sure you schedule a tune-up where your tires would get checked. This will avoid breakdowns that would result in costly repairs with unfamiliar mechanics. There is nothing as annoying like cutting short your trip due to the breakdown of your vehicle when you know it could have been prevented.

4). Save on Dining Out

There are lots of chain restaurants at the roadside when making a road trip. These restaurants are very attractive; hence, it’s a quick stop for you to eat your favorite meal. So, to save on dining out, we suggest you find restaurant gift cards at a discount before your trip. Some gift cards can save you up to 30% on a meal.

5). Pack Wisely

Packing the essential things you would need for the trip beforehand can save you lots of money. For instance, beach staples like sunscreen and towels are very expensive when you buy them on-site.

Similarly, travel-related gadgets like camera batteries and phone chargers are equally very expensive when you buy them in transit. Remember, your intention is to save money on the road. So, avoid spending unnecessarily on something you have at home.

6). Make Snacks

This is another great way of saving money on the road. Pack your own snacks, soda, and bottled water in a cooler. If you exhaust the bottled water, you can request for a refill with cheap ice at a gas station. The gas station attendant would be glad to oblige to your request.

7). Avoid Bottled Beverages

If you want to purchase some refreshments from the gas station, avoid bottled beverages. Instead, opt for fountain drinks. Fountain drinks are less expensive and would also keep you hydrated throughout the journey.

8). Drive Legally

We know, sometimes you simply just want to “get there”. However, studies have shown that an increase in speed leads to a decrease in fuel efficiency.

If you have a lead foot, speeding up will make your trip expensive. So, it pays to slow down and enjoy the scenery.

9).Daily Deal It

Once you’ve finally established your routes, look for daily deals in the city you want to visit. This would save you on some activities, dining, and attractions.

You may also find great ways to explore new towns and cities with deals like winery tours and photo safaris.


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