Landing your dream job is exciting, but contributing to the growth and success of that organization is even more interesting.

Have you ever imagined the perks that come with being recognized by the Managing Director of an organization as the best successful employee? if you have not, then you need to find out those qualities and skills that can make an employee outstanding in this 21st-century.

Nowadays, being a successful worker goes beyond parading yourself as a first class graduate in a workplace. According to a 2017 survey conducted and published by the National Association of Colleges and Employers, a successful 21st-century worker is a team player, problem-solver, effective leader, hard worker, and an excellent communicator, among others. Whether you are working in a corporate firm or a restaurant, these skills are what will stand you out from the crowd as a successful 21st-century employee.

In view of the above, this article will take a look at the top 10 skills any successful 21st-century employee should possess in order to excel in the workplace

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1). Problem-solving skill
No employer would tolerate employees that always run to their supervisor to solve problems. A successful 21st-century employee should attempt to fix problems by analyzing data and weighing alternatives before escalating it to their superiors. In addition, they should develop new strategies with a view to preventing similar problems in the future.

2). Ability to Work in a team
Successful 21st-century employees should be more concerned about how job-related challenges are solved, instead of being recognized for the role they played. They should have the ability and capacity to carry other team members along. A successful 21st-century worker should be skilled in speaking, listening, compromising, and persuading other team members.

3). Leadership Qualities
Successful 21st-century workers should not be afraid of taking responsibility and leading fellow team members. They should be able to give direction, delegate tasks, set standards, offer support where necessary, and reward positive results. What’s more? They should know how to give credit to any team member who leaves no stone unturned to ensure that the team’s objectives have been achieved.

4). Communication Skills
Being able to talk in the public domain does not mean you have good communication qualities. A successful 21st-century worker should excel in all areas of his/her endeavor, and continually improve in any identified shortcomings. They should be able to write reports, memos, and professionally crafted emails. In addition, they should be able to facilitate team or group discussion. They should have excellent emotional intelligence and interpersonal skills like kindness, patience, and respect for colleagues.

5). Intelligence and Competency
Successful employees in this 21st-century should strive for excellence at all times and look at situations from different angles. They should seek new knowledge to always improve in their job functions. They should be smart, talented, intelligent, and of course competent to handle jobs within their domain.

6). Time Management
No employer enjoys the phrase “down time” so, a successful 21st-century employee should be a good time manager in order to avoid unnecessary downtimes in the workplace. They should be able to achieve impressive results or targets within an allotted time.

7). Technical/Internet Proficiency
In this era of technology and the internet, a successful 21st-century worker should be able to leverage the internet to make his/her work easier. They should constantly search for innovative ways to integrate technology into their work. In addition, they should seek new ways to improve their IT and technical skills. Furthermore, it beckons on a successful employee to offer useful suggestions that would improve the overall growth of the company.

8). Organizational Skills
Organizational skills are a major requirement to become a successful 21st-century employee. A successful employer should be able to manage calendar, correspondences, and files in a way that would move the operations of the company forward. They should maintain the confidentiality of the company’s information. Appointments and deadlines supersede less-important tasks for a successful employee.

9). Creativity and Innovation
Regardless of the workplace you find yourself, being creative is very important. Let’s face it, employers pay employees to solve problems. So, a successful 21st-century worker must be innovative and creative by finding new ways of solving problems. Workplaces that embrace innovation is usually interesting and fun and a successful employee would fit in.

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10). Analytical Skills
This list would not be complete without mentioning this important skill – analytical skills. Analytical skills go beyond solving complex mathematics. Successful 21st-century workers should only make recommendations after due consultation, testing, observing, measuring, and synthesizing data. They should possess skills in qualitative and quantitative research.

Wrapping Up
If you want to be a successful 21st-century worker, there is every need for you to learn these skills so that you can stand out from the crowd. Whether you’re a fresh University graduate or you’re already working, always remember that being successful in today’s job market goes beyond having a University degree. Nowadays, most hiring managers are consistently searching for potential employees that possess these skills set. So, acquiring these skills is a no-brainer!

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