Canada is one of the best places to live and work. No wonder, available data from Statistics Canada shows that the number of people seeking to immigrate to the country has increased in recent times.

In 2016, the Legatum Global Prosperity Index ranked Canada as one of the best countries with a low crime rate. The Canadian economy is also very rich due to favorable government policies; thus, positioning the country among the top 10 viable economies in the world.

Canada is immigrant-friendly – approximately 15% of the total populations are foreign nationals. The diversity in the country makes it very easy for immigrants to quickly settle. Plus, the country has a social safety net that is second to none for the downtrodden in the society.

Once you are a permanent resident, you can apply to sponsor your spouse, common-law partner, and dependent children to join you in Canada. If you immigrate through Express Entry, you can include your family on your initial application so you won’t have to sponsor them later on.

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If you are passionate about immigrating to Canada and you are wondering what the country has to offer, then take a deep breath, calm your nerves, and read on to find out the perks you stand to enjoy as a Canadian resident. But before we start reeling out the benefits of immigrating to Canada, let’s quickly take you through what the Canada Express Entry program is about.

The Canadian government in a bid to allow more immigrants gained permanent residence introduced the Canada Express Entry system in 2015. This system is designed to manage permanent residence applications under certain economic programs.

If you are accepted into the Canada Express Entry program, you would be invited to apply for a permanent residence permit within 90 days. However, ensure you have all your academic documents and other travel documents handy before you create an account on the Canada Express Entry portal.

That said, let’s now walk you through what you stand to benefit when you land in Canadian soil:

1). You can Live and Work in any city

Immigration policies in Canada are favorable compared to other countries. Canada being an immigrant-friendly destination allows immigrants to live and work wherever they chose.

For example, if you are based in Toronto and you secure a job in Montreal, you have the legal right to live and work in Montreal. Your status as an immigrant is not tied to a specific province or employer.

2). Access to Quality Health Care

Think of a country with quality health care, Canada naturally comes to mind. Canada pride itself as one of the best countries with quality health care. If you have any health challenges, you have access to quality health care as an immigrant.

The good thing about Canadian free health services is that it is universal. You won’t pay a dime to get medical treatment so far your immigrant status is legal.

3). Reputable Educational Institutions

The Canadian education system ranks among the best 10 globally. The country provides quality education to its citizens and residents. There are government-owned and private institutions spread across all the provinces.

The public schools are absolutely free of charge until the 12th Grade. If you want to further your studies, the institutions in Canada have got you covered.

Some of the high ranking universities in the country are the McGill University, The University of Toronto, and the University of British Columbia. These universities, though highly ranked, still charge affordable tuition fee compared to other highly ranked universities in other countries.

4). Employment Opportunities

Seeking for a country with lots of job opportunities? Canada is a force to reckon with in this regard.

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According to the 2016 Legatum Global Prosperity Index, the country ranked 3rd out of 149 countries that were surveyed in terms of the ease of doing business and job creation. This ranking suggests that regardless of your academic background, your degree type, your work history, there are jobs for you to do.

Immigrating to Canada is one of the best decisions you can make if you want to live a quality life.

As you make your travel itinerary and plans to immigrate to Canada, we request you to share your experiences with us using the comment box below. Happy Travelling!

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