Want to Study Abroad? 10 Reasons to Choose New Zealand

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Why Study in New Zealand

To students who intend to study abroad, choosing the right country can be a daunting task.

With so many programs and world class Universities to choose from, how can you be sure of making the right choice?

Of course, when deliberating on which country you should study in, the first things that should come to mind are academic needs, life-changing experience, weather and an environment that gets you up close with nature.


If these are the factors to determine where you want to study then New Zealand is the right place for you.

When it comes to the world’s most popular study abroad destinations, New Zealand is often overshadowed by its popular neighbor, Australia. However, there are some reasons why New Zealand makes an appealing destination for international students. Just imagine the fact that you will be enjoying the friendly hospitality of the locals, visit famous, amazing and beautiful places as well as the opportunity to explore stunning landscapes.

Asides the above mentioned, the quality education and globally recognized certificates provided by New Zealand is another important reason for studying there.

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Without further ado, continue to read below while we furnish you with 10 reasons why you should choose New Zealand as your study abroad destination.

1). New Zealand has just 8 (eight) universities. Hard to believe, right? Well, that’s true.

2). An opportunity to be awarded a New Zealand Study Abroad Scholarship.

3). You can study at a world-renowned university, this is certainly an important factor to help you decide.

4). A shining, stand-out resume. Once you have studied in a world-renowned university, it is certain that your resume will shine and of course a shining resume will land you a job easily.

5). The country is populated with less than 5 (five) million persons which makes it one of the most secure places you can live in. As a student, your security should be one of your utmost concerns. New Zealand also has an advanced way of life and excellent living conditions.

6). Compared to other countries like Australia, USA, UK, etc.. the tuition fees and accommodation in New Zealand are very affordable.

7). As an international student on a student visa, the government of New Zealand permits you to work up to 20 hours every week during the semester. During vacation, you can work full-time and earn maximum pay. They also have a flexible student employment service called “Student Job Search” which can assist students in their quest to get a job.

8). According to New Zealand’s Student Visa Policy, every successful graduate will be automatically qualified for a 12 months’ work permit. With this permit, you are allowed to secure any full-time job of your choice.

9). The government of New Zealand offers a study loan to those who have successfully graduated, secured a job and have become permanent residents. This loan can be paid back after you have completed your cause.


10). Lastly, you will never get bored! In New Zealand, there is a catch-up for everyone. Whether you want to enjoy a serene atmosphere in a small college town surrounded by nature or you want to have fun in a big bustling city, the choice is yours.

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